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Bring convenience to weekday meals with locally sourced foods. Nourish your family with locally inspired tastes made in your own kitchen. We provide high quality ingredients that are grown, raised, and artistically made in our community.

The boxes contain:
  • Locally grown vegetables & fruits
  • Locally raised meats
  • Local dairy & eggs
  • Local artisanal food items (bread, canned goods, spices, etc)
  • Additional ingredients not locally sourced (examples: mushrooms, lemons, bay leaf, etc)
  • List of common ingredients not provided (examples: salt, pepper, baking soda, sugar, etc)
  • Step-by-Step Recipes
  • Farmer Spotlights
  • Game Plans- to prepare for those busy week nights

Support Local
The main ingredients provided in boxes are from local business's and families you know in our community. Your ingredients come directly from the farm or bakery days before you receive your box.

No need to plan and shop. The hard work is done. You can enjoy cooking your meals in the comfort of your home. Note: common ingredients such as salt, pepper, sugar, etc will not be added to the box. The amount needed in recipes will be minimal. A list will be provided.

Step-By-Step Recipes
Be inspired by our weekly step-by-step recipes that are cultivated from our favorite heritage recipes, local chefs, and local farmers. These recipes using whole ingredients are simple yet creative to impress your family & friends.

Environmentally Friendly
No middleman. The boxes are full of ingredients straight from the farm or bakery. This reduces the distance our food has traveled.

Save Money
Preparing meals at home will cost less than dinner at most restaurants.

Create Memories
Promote family meals without the hustle and bustle. Your family deserves quality time together at the dinner table. We encourage you to prepare meals at home with your spouse, a friend, or kids. This creates memories, which is most important.

Picky Eaters?!
Bonus! Studies show that kids who help prepare meals are more likely to eat it.

How the Boxes Work:

2 Meals Per Box
There will be ingredients to make 2 meals per box, 2-4 servings per meal. Take note the portion sizes tend to be generous. You can order more than 1 box to receive desired serving size. Each week offers new and exciting boxes.

Ordering Deadline
Availability to purchase meals will be Sunday - Tuesday of every week (starting in June 2017). The deadline to order is Tuesday 11:59 pm. This deadline provides the farmers, bakers, etc to prepare your ingredients as fresh as possible.

Pick Up or Delivery
Once you've ordered, you will choose to either 'Pick Up' or 'Delivery'. Pick up location will be at BisMarket Farmer's Market on Saturdays at Kiwanis Park in Bismarck from 10 am to 1 pm. If you are unavailable to pick up your box, get it delivered to your doorstep! Available for the Bismarck/Mandan area only. Delivery option is an additional cost. Must be home to receive box.
***If you're from surrounding areas (Wilton, Wing, Sterling, etc.), please contact to make arrangements

How to Order:
  1. Select your desired meals from a variety of box options below (available to purchase Sunday & Monday)
  2. Select the # of boxes. Reminder: each box contains 2 meals, 2-4 servings each.
  3. Select "Delivery" or "Pick Up"
  4. Pay with PayPal (easy to set up account: https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/account-sel... )
**Information for the following week's boxes will be available during Pick Up and Delivery. Boxes can be reserved and purchased at this time with any payment method.

Order by Phone: 701-333-8932

Farm in a Box Summary:

Enjoy cooking meals and quality time at the dinner table with the convenience of locally sourced products all in a box!


Easter Basket:

It was AWESOME!! I appreciated not having to plan the menu or go shopping around for anything. All of the extra/optional ingredients were things we had already or could sub out (yogurt instead of mayo for the eggs). Everything was SUPER easy to make and, for the first time ever making a holiday meal I actually felt relaxed while things were coming together instead of stressing about what might be missing.

Seriously, thank YOU for putting it all together--you will likely never understand how much stress this took off our family and how much I appreciate having this opportunity. Instead of spending hours planning, shopping and prepping we were able to enjoy church as a family, take a walk, hunt for eggs and just BE together--a rare blessing for us these days